Saturday, August 27, 2011

dare you to pick's easy (:

Go ahead: A or B?
Then we'll pick this topic up on Friday


  1. Hmmm, okay I guess I will go with B ;-)

  2. I choose B as well - although most people in the seats of more traditional churches choose A. Maybe that's part of why I am where I am...

  3. Arrows only follow one dimension. No matter what you say... this answer is not easy! Or, the answer is only an "off-hand" remark; not made to face reality?
    With respect to Matthew 28:16-20, the arrows could start with "Mission" but, with no inward flow on the chart (in-arrow) then mission becomes lifeless and unsustainable.

    So, I choose neither!

    No disrespect meant to the others posting.

    In this one case, I would enjoy your answer... A true answer and not just some dumb quote.
    Reason: You have never given out "your" answer.

  4. why not start the arrows from discipleship?

  5. Thanks all.
    well, as Brad well knows, and this explains his wink, the images were from Frost and Hirsh's "The Faith of Leap" which makes the case for "B"..

    I do appreciate the false dichotomy etc, and other nuances...and realize a lot hinges on what you mean by terms..

    I Love Brambonius' question. Push it. Why not?

    My usual answer is B..

    i have given my answer in multiple related posts over the years,,see:


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