Friday, August 19, 2011

i fell for/feel for God: "Dancing Barefoot"

Believe it or not, I never heard  (until just now) the original version of the Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot." a song I have long classified  as one of U2's best ever covers  (the awesome way Edge's squeaky  modalities noteshift, the  Neil Young/Crazy Horse solo, andof course the fact that like many songs, it can be "turned into a prayer"),,

But I realized it wasn't fair to coin it one of U2's best covers,
 if I never even knew the song that was covered! (;

Here are a few versions below.  I do like it.

Some say "Wave" (the album this came from)was Smith's coming out album as a "born again Catholic."

Some notes:

_____U2 substituted "feel" for  Smith's "fell": "Oh, God, I feel [as in, 'I have compassion on all You have to endure'?]

____Here's live video of Smith with "Oh, God, I fell for You.." and lines  ("Oh, God I feel the pain/Oh, God, forever after/Oh God, I'm back again") that didn't make the U2 cut.  She looks nearly Bonoesque/Pentecostal in that section:

____Studio version, which includes more lyrics U2 didn't include (how did Bono pass some of these up!?):

He  who plot our life sweats in the dark like a face
the mystery of childbirth, of childhood itself
grave visitations
what is it that calls to us?
why must we pray screaming?
why must not death be redefined?
we shut our eyes we stretch out our arms
and whirl on a pane of glass
an affixiation a fix on anything the line of life the limb of a tree
the hands of He and the promise that s/he is blessed among women. 

___Some debate about whether the word is "heroine" or "heroin."  Context favors the former (and hyperlinks to the Edge and Sinead's  prophetic prayersong of that name), but the latter works in a weird way (particularly as Bono has written a few songs on that theme ("Bad," "Running to Stand Still," etc).

____Interesting comments on Song Meanings on what the song is about:

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