Tuesday, August 09, 2011

scared to death of sex and premature elevation... in church

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"That through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil,and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery."  Hebrews 2:15

Fear of death=fear of sex?

Fear of death is sexy.
Fear of sex is death.
Death of sex is fear?
Death of fear is sex?

Sorry, temporary case of chiasmitis!
(Bonus contest: What's a classic U2 chiasm?

On a messy blog, before I knew how to format, I posted some thoughts  (here) on the sex/death connection in U2.

But now that I finally scored the Pulitzer  Prize-winning book "The  Denial of Death,"
(a book I have been curious about since a quote from it showed up in a classic77s album (which itself has a sex/death connection, so much so that that it was banned and stocked behind the counter of the Christian bookstore when i bought it),'
I find this:

{Phister} recognixed that 'Many persons, not only children, find it possible to face death.  They may even welcome it as a friend..' .  This is true but, as we now know, it is also trivial as it does not come to grips with the transmutations of reality and opwedr.  The resut is a boo {Phister's} that offers a sort ofWilhelm Reich-Norman Brown thesis of the possibilities of unreprssed living, with Christ as the focus for Eros.  All of which leads to the rumination that when liberal Christianity seizes upon Freud to try to make the world the cheerfully 'right place,' such unusual partners in such an un-Christian venture  are bound to produce something false (footnote, p. 205)

The risk Bono (and the rabbis) take is that prayer-elevation will kick in too  early or too late , and the fence we've built around the Torah (see halfway down at this post)  and the eclipse (in the language of U2's "Elevation") of Eros (as opposed to small 'e' eros) is itself eclipsed prematurely.

...which of course leads to  sex in church elevators  (safe click, LOL...and so is this:" of course orgasm is partly prayer").
Thoughts next time from  Žižek..  on the violence/elevation connection.
Sax and violins, please.


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