Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'The heart of the universe is not matter, but information'

I loved Siegfried's "The Bit and the Pendulum: From Quantum Computing to M Theory-The New Physics of Information" 
with its contention that"information is more fundamental than matter."

And I have always wondered if Bono read scientists like that.

Now I know that he does indeed..(or at least borrows books from the Main Scientist of the Band.

HT to Tim  and @U2 re: Bono's appearance on  Science Education's "i.am FIRST - Science is Rock and Roll,"
and this  wonderful comment:

"My favorite scientist?
At the minute, Anton Zeilinger,
His  'E=mc2' moment  is
'The heart of the universe is not matter, but information.'

I see Snoop Dog,  Britney Spears, Steven Tyler and Miley Cyrus chime in, too. 
But I already  like Bono's answer best..

Hear it below!:

Here's the whole show..not sure where Bono appears yet...post in comments section below, if you know

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  1. so you finally get it.
    next question:
    What color was the tiny little ball of super comressed matter before it became the universe?
    what happpened when it expanded?
    all empty space rushed inward to where the matter was turning it into compressed dark matter.
    WITH information of what is on the outside.
    the next big bang was anti matter.
    there were more than one big bang ,but because that ocurred at the exact same location you cant see it until all matter is cleared up.
    (that might take a while)
    there you have the heartbeat (pulsating) of the universe or should i say this universe
    now it is time to end time.
    time does not really exist
    different speeds do exist.
    you are traveling on one of the balls looking at other balls traveling at different speeds but generally going in the same direction.
    that is why things are not all visible.
    you can not see what is coming after you or before you if they travel faster or slower than yourself ,you have to travel at different speeds to be able to see them all.


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