Saturday, August 27, 2011

kick up heals

Love this blog post from George Martzen.
And the tenth word may or may not be a typo..  I like it the way it is

"God is calling his people to kick up their heals again, to live out the fullness that his breath inspires, to sing and make music, to declare the liberating word of God's love. Some people have gotten stuck on the printed page. The words need to take wings and fly. God is flying ahead of us, in the Spirit, breathing possibilities into every freaking situation. And for those who think it insignificant, God went all out, poured his life out on a cross. This is serious play. Don't ever waste your talent in a hole. Dig it up and use it. Don't ever waste an opportunity. God doesn't."  -Georhe Martzen,  link

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