Friday, September 13, 2013

"Jesus at the City Gate: The Fifth Cup of Passover" : video sermon by Ray Van DerLann (filmed in 1695)

Video below: sermon starts at 38:44
(If you've never experienced a traditional United Methodist worship service ...Gee, I have... watch the rest)

Oh..just for fun:   a serious question with great implications for ecclesiology:
After the sermon (at 1:34:44 mark):

What's up with the red  "1695" sign over the pastor's shoulder?   Anybody know?  (A bit before, it looks like there is a sign over the sign, but I can't read it)

 Year the church was founded ? (: 
Number of a kid whose parents are needed in nursery? (:
               I fear it's the attendance count (sigh)
Related notes:

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