Friday, September 20, 2013

"Sing it church!: F--- you! I can't deny You"

The boys in P.O.D.  (see "The Future of Church is P.O.D., not Jars of Clay")  were on  fire the other night here in Fresno.  So glad my son let me accompany him..

 There is nothing quite like a band of Christians (as opposed to a Christian band) worshipping their hearts out in secular spaces (see Worship in the Bar/Brothel)

Often at a U2 concert,  you wonder how many are raising their hands in worship, and how many are just rocking out.  One never knows what the percentage is,  But when one of  P.O.D.'s  opening bands yelled out for everyone to flip a double bird and yell "F--- you!!" at the top of their lungs, it was fairly easy to "take attendance": look around and see who was abstaining from the liturgy!(:

"And also with you" (:

(Ironically, the lead singer from that other  band actually acted quite pastoral throughout the night..amazing.  They even sand a song or two that was ready for church.  Hmm, maybe the F-you was spiritual warfare addressed to the devil.)     (:

So in the clip below, here's the congregation/crowd gladly singing and/or praying along to the singer/ a lover/... and/or Jesus:

                               "I can't deny You."

If John Wesley had time-travelled to the gig..Even though part of him  might think the band was "on crack,"
(click for the reference), I think he would smile as he "got it" as the holy and heathen both sang:


i may stay late at the bar tonight, honey...i have to preach tomorrow

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