Saturday, September 14, 2013

Physics as language/law and flaw of the excluded middle

When someone like Brian Clegg says..
"I am decidedly in awe of this book. It is simply the best, straightforward description of physics I have ever read."
.. .then I have already bought the book (Inventing Reality: Physics as Language by Bruce Gregory)

..even though it's out of print!
(sad, but the good news is it's a penny on Amazon_

See Clegg's review of the book here.

In a blog post: (Is there a law of the excluded middle?)
Clegg picks up Gregory's argument re: the law of the excluded middle, which of course got my attention due to my work with Paul Hiebert's FLAW of  the excluded middle.

I recommend Gregory's book highly already, and I haven't even read it  (:
(at least i didn't post an Amazon review of a book I haven't many do) 

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