Tuesday, September 10, 2013

video: Impersonation of me by Pastor D.J. Criner (who looks just like me..but more handsome)

Pastor D.J. Criner
Sometimes in a Bible class, I will leave the room for five minutes,
and challenge the students to practice presenting anything they've learned.
It's totally up to them: they can team- teach it, one person can present etc.

Sometimes I am even brave/dumb enough to say they can choose someone to impersonate (roast/toast) me and my style.

I should have known that with  the delightful and daring Pastor D.J. Criner (of Saint Rest Baptist Church) in class, that  the class would choose him for that impersonation option (:

It was caught on video ...
I guess I say "awesome" a lot.

Be sure to catch his whiteboard artwork of me below,  as well. It’s awesome indeed! 

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