Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Power Point is From Hell...or at least from Modernity

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It always jarred me when people said something like "You must love Power Point; you're one of those emerging postmodern pastors."

I hate Power Point.

It hates me.

But since I knew I indeed was an EPIC immigrant..or an "emerging postmodern"...whatever..I never fully realized why I struggled with it. Until I read:

"True postmoderns struggle with Power Point."

That was p. 184 of "A is For Abductive" landing on my "fool of a took" head along with a V8.

Of course!

"True postmoderns struggle with PowerPoint. It's too uniform, too monotonous, too noninteractive, too stock, too uncomplicated, too linear.

Want to do ministry in the modern world? Get linear. Think straight.

Want to do ministry in the emerging culture? Get nonlinear. Think looped. Climb through Escher circles of surprise and unsettlement."
link, read the rest here

Ahh, that's my language.

No one has ever accused me of "thinking straight."

No wonder I can't stomach projecting straight!

The authors link to a site positing what the Gettysburg Address would look like as Power Point. Check it out here...

But nobody better dare convert Sigur Ros lyrics (more sacred than my sermons) to Power Point.

Even to prove a point..

And no one (else) parcel and point out the Beatitudes again, thank you.

I prefer the prophetic FlyScreen; way pomo...and more biblical.

Escher circles of surprise and unstettlement, maybe.

"Even God doesn't think straight," the authors conclude.

I knew it!


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