Monday, December 10, 2007

"Radiohead makes sacred music."

"Radiohead makes sacred music." - Bono

Radiohead must be wrestled and reckoned with. A good theological orientation is a grouping of articles/interviews we have called (et al) "The Gospel According to St. Radiohead"
On a recent Sunday morning, we soundtracked some prayer time to Radiohead's
"Fake Plastic Trees"..the "fake plastic" life and faith "wears me
out." David Dark calls this masterpiece:

"A blistering ode to the era
of mass consumption, we're taken through a hauntingly beautiful awareness of our
collective soul expenditure which gradually leads to the metaphor, perhaps the
defining characteristic of our culture: 'fake plastic love.' I really can't
think of a song more aptly for and to the times, and as time passes, the song
becomes, tragically, more relevant. The whole album, in fact, is like the sound
of the human spirit resisting assimilation by the Matrix...

For us as church, we adopted the song's yearning:
"If I could be who You wanted all the time..":

How about "YOU":
"You are the sun and moon and stars, are you
And I could never run away from you

You try at working out chaotic things
And why should I believe myself, not you?

It's like the world is going to end so soon
And why should I believe myself?":


Thom Yorke says "I don’t think about redemption. I focus on the most imminent ecological things." For one, he likely hasn't read about the "redemption of all ecological creation" in Romans 8.........For two, watch him sing:"I am born again...":

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