Saturday, December 22, 2007

Where the Hell is St. Matthew?

I love what has come to be called the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video, which came about when Matt won a contest in which Stride gum paid his way around the world...if he would film himself doing his unique dance at each stop.

I am jealous. The story and outtakes are at this link; but you need to watch the video below. The soundtrack is awesome; and the whole experience is God-haunted and prophetic to me for several reasons...even if it was all about selling gum.

For one, Delirious made it clear God is looking for "dancers who dance upon injustice." I have even read in the Book about the One who morphs "mourning into dancing."

Secondly, something about travelling around the world and leaving your mark...Georgian Banov has been known to travel the world in a week, worshipping and dancing manic-minstrel-style as only he can do (huh, Blodge?)

Here is the video:

...and some outtakes with commentary:

This calls to mind Steve Taylor's manic trip around the world several years ago for his "Squint" record/video; filmed as "Squint: Movies From the Soundtrack". Anyway, the parallels are haunting...Taylor did cartwheels at most every stop.

That's dancing upon injustice, too..

A clip of that flick, though sadly sans the cartwheels:


  1. What you're listening to in the first video is "Deep Forest" - "Sweet Lullaby" another version of that hit song , I have that CD, I will send you the song...


  2. PS. the kind of music Deep Forest makes is called "Ethnic Electronica"... Sweet Lullaby is from their debut album (1992) and it features Baka Pygmy chants (the live in the Cameroon rainforests...)

  3. And furthermore, LOL, the remix of Sweet Lullaby that you are hearing is the Gary Schyman remix esp. created for Where's Matt, but it's not available for purchase.

    Sorry, I just love talking about music... hehe

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  5. gracias hermana

    me encanta esta musica


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