Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"possibly the worst interview in the history of electronic media"

Even though NPR itself called it "possibly the worst interview in the history of electronic media,"
no official word if the resignation of the NPR interviewer involved was related to the following..if you can dare to watch it all the way through,

The interview is with the

enigmatic and God-haunted, Icelandic geniuses, Sigur Ros. Many of the comments on this page offer thoughts on what went wrong. It could be that the band was told the interview would be all about their new movie; and all they got were the standard and tired and poorly-articulated (closed) questions about the band.

All I know is the band is brilliant; we use their stuff in church (as many churches do; though many would ban them for the lead singer being gay, etc....)

And there IS lots to learn by watching and analyzing the interview (cross-cultural communication, art vs. commodity, the art of good questions, etc). The interviewer and a colleague even did a "play-by-play"of what may have gone wrong here.

Reminds me if the classic case study of ridiculous questions; the one asked of U2 and showcased in "Rattle and Hum":

Interviwer: "What has happened between the writing of the Joshua Tree Album, recording the Joshua Tree Album, the tour, and now the new songs?"

Bono: "Adam?"

Adam: "I don't know.."

THAT Must be seen..below. It's brief, and not nearly as painful as the Sigur Ros disaster.

Here you go:


New Sigur Ros movie trailer:

More SR:



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