Saturday, June 05, 2010

"The Flaw of the Excluded Middle" by Paul Hiebert

Thanks to Mike Heiser, this classic essay is finally online!

I think Hiebert may have encouraged a moratorium on it while he was alive,
as this seminal article was used and applied in so many ways he never intended.
(To a lesser degree, the same was true of one of the other huge topis that he popularized" boundd and centered sets...see Is Church B.S. or C.S.?)

When I was a kid, I remember reading a Mick Jagger, then 20-something quote:
"I'd rather be dead than singing "Satisfaction" when I'm forty-five" (:
He's still singing it...nearing 70! last

  • Here is the complete original article from MISSIOLOGY.
I had the privilege of a class with Dr. Hiebert (applying this article to cross-cultural issues re: spiritual warfare, worldview and epistemology)on the Yale (Overseas Center for Ministry)campus in 1993.

Here is Matt Stone applying it to religious-practitioners.

PS: Here's the Wikipedia article on "excluded middle"
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  1. the link above does not work anymore, or the article has been removed. do you know where I could find it online now (or even to buy?)

  2. Annamaria: Hi! Thanks for letting me know. I updated the link! Much appreciated!


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