Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mark DeRaud video interview: Reformation, art/images, and the convergence of Pentecostalism/Orthodoxy

In these short videos below, I interview Mark DeRaud, founder of Art n Soul
(here you see some of his art); he

discusses the Reformation, art/images, and the convergence of Pentecostalism/Orthodoxy.
We used these clips as part of Church History B for Latin American Bible Institute-Sanger..
Mark DeRaud is a full time artist and muralist living and working in Fresno, California. He completed massive murals for Holy Spirit Catholic Church in the same city (18’ X 37’and 7’-14’ X 100’). He has a degree in Biblical Studies from Westmont College where he emphasized early church doctrinal development. He has studied art in Germany, and theology at Fuller Seminary. Mark has served as a professor of art at Fresno Pacific University. He and his wife Wendy developed the seminar Art n’ Soul to bring together Christian spirituality and creativity.

Note:Here is the piece ("Ecstasy of St. Therese") he talks about in the 3rd video.

Here is Mark talking through the vision behind one of his paintings:

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