Monday, June 28, 2010

Peter Gabriel: "Come Talk To Me"

A classic God-haunted Peter Gabriel song and performance.
This song, on this tour, always brings up U2 connections for me:

-A la U2: phone connections...
MacPhisto's phone calls; the more recent "Honey, I'm home!" calls..

-A la U2's "Achtung Baby," much of the content of this album is tied to the failed relationship of a prominent band member..

-A la U2:Most songs that seem to be about relationships with girls are ultimately/also/inevitably about relationship with God; and rabbinically elevating one relationship toward the other
(Note : "Come on, come talk to me" becomes "Come down, come talk to me.." etc)

-A la U2 (2009-10): in the round...

-A la U2: Prophetic props and theatrics..

Plus, check out the the drums at the 5 minute mark:


Girls or God

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