Sunday, June 06, 2010

Rob Wegner: take>bless>break>give OR spiritual masturbation

Rob Wegner's post (here) is excellent for at least a couple reasons.

Don't trip up on the title:

Moral Blindness and Spiritual Masturbation

It's the first reason I like the post, as I have pursued this topic before.

It starts with spending time in each of the four parts of Christ's Eucharistic "take>bless>break>give."
I first came across the idea of this sequence as a paradigm/prototype for how Christ uses us from Sammy Rodriguez.


  1. I would not be a good Episcopalian if I did not say that this four-fold "Shape of the Liturgy" comes from the early 20th c work of Anglican Benedictine Dom Gregory Dix. Lo, I have said it.

  2. Beth: I have three related books (like Jeremias, Eucharistic Words of Jesus on the top of my desk I have been meaning to get to, Dix is one of them. I am glancing through it now that you mentioned is loaded. I need my good Episcopalian friends! Thanks!


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