Monday, June 28, 2010

"Soccer Explains the World...and Seduces the Church

"How soccer explains the world:

an unlikely theory of globalization"

is a classic 2004 (may need an update since the economic downturn) book by Franklin Foer.

How helpful it often is
to view the world (or life or church) through different (even random) metaphors,
and creative lenses...
especially if they create "holy synesthesia") and get us rewired to thinking parabolically.

The book is worth the price of admission for the delightful (!?) and helpful phrase that shows up:

"the soft porn of sects".

?? Whatsup with that?

When we are overly sectarian, and bound to our bounded sets,
we almost inevitably cave in to the temptation to sexualize/seduce
(and thus "thingify"/ reduce) others.

(related: T.Bone Burnett can explain everything...even without soccer.

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