Tuesday, August 23, 2011

that ache that makes you want to fight and surrender...

photo by timm ziegenthaler/link

By Jocelyn Aucoin:

It’s that ache in your heart.

That place inside you where all the stuff collects and collides like junk in a drawer.

Except it’s not junk.

 It’s real and it matters and it’s the matter that makes you.

It’s that ache that makes you want to fight and surrender, scream and sigh. It’s decaying and it’s beautiful and it’s full of these awkward opposites. So full that sometimes you don’t
understand. You can’t understand.

But then someone or something comes along to give it shape, a voice. Someone whose
ability to capture this space is so pure, so precise, that it springs hope within us and legs to stand on.

Something like The Violet Burning.

  -Jocelyn Aucoin, continued

where it all begins-lights out-graves by thevioletburning

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