Thursday, August 02, 2007

Becky Garrison, McLaren, & critics: being kind to bitches

St. Becky Garrison, (see her "My favorite hate mail of the week")after interviewing Brian McLaren, mentioned the same things I did after experiencing him (here): Nicest guy imaginable, and a role model for responding graciously to critics.

I wonder if it is compatible with that gracious spirit to also say to a persistent Pharisee something like Mike Furches recommended as he spoke at our church (It's on the video here, but I can't find the time-location right now)

"In the name of Jesus, bite me!"

It somehow doesn't sound so offensive in Mike's southern accent: "Baht me!"

After all, Jesus called Herod a bitch. (Luke 13.32)
I can't imagine Mclaren calling anyone that.
But he may be nicer than Jesus(:

Dallas Willard has suggested that technically, Jesus was not nice.
He was something better, and more Holy Spiritual:


Maybe the kindest thing we can say to an unrepentant Pharisee is:

"I'm not as nice as McLaren, so in the name of Jesus, kindly baht me...



  1. Ha! That's the most stream-of-consciousness, yet cogent blog post I've read in awhile. I'll be chewing on that one. : )

  2. Great , Mike. So glad to hear from you. I have a ministry of helpin people chew(:

    keep up the great work


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