Saturday, August 25, 2007

Celtic Links

Seeing that Len (here)recently excerpted one of my favorite articles (the first one linked below..and illustrated here), I was inspired to link a few (!) of the Celtic related articles found on our forum.

Thank God for my seminary prof George Hunter (fourth article below) who first introduced me to the huge Celtic contribution to The Great Possibility (his term for Great Commission).


And support Keltic Ken's internet radio station to soundtrack your reading.

Emerging Celtic Church as 24/7 Villages of God
Liminal Thin Places/Celtic Bridges Between Worlds
The New Barbarians & Emerging Celtic Christianity

Keltic KristianityCelts&Anabaptists:Wisdom fromMargins for Tomorrow’s Church
Celtic Christianity
Deeper Celtic Magic, Time Travel, Drugs & RocknRoll
St Peter W.:the Dreadlocked Raw Celtic/nude baptisms..
Celtic "Pagan" Christian Festivals
Fire in Celtic Borderlands: Back to the Future
St patrick is a chinese boston celtic
Celtic Caroline Has a Provocative Bible
Celtic Double Houses: Shacking Up
Church That Will Survive 3rd Millenium=Celtic
heretical imperative, secular culture, celtic beer
Celtic Monks:Maps Suck
wine and skins
Future of the Church: centripetal or centrifugal?
St Patrick
Keltic Ken and Celtic Church
“What if we could do church any way that we wanted?”
A New Kind of Old Christian
The New Barbarians & Emerging Celtic Christianity
Celts&Anabaptists:Wisdom fromMargins for Tomorrow’s Church

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