Sunday, August 26, 2007

Linkin Park's salty worship

More potential Linkin Park worship moments (The first ones are here). By the way, Linkin Park has toured recently with P.O.D. and Project 86, two very Christian bands.

Question: How is it touring with POD and Project 86 who are all Christians? Has it been a good example to you guys as to what Christians are really like?

Brad: The tour hasn't started yet... But we're fans of POD's music and also ., Project86. In terms of their personal beliefs, they're their personal beliefs. Not necessarily anything else. The only thing I can say as a band - in terms of extra things that go beyond the music for us, because we all have different personal beliefs in the band - is that we try to make our music as positive as possible for us and for all our fans. link

Lots of rumors swirling that most if not all the LP members are Christian..or at least their arrows often head toward Jesus.

Keep praying for them.

And pray with them below!

"The Little Things Give You Away"

especially 3:11 till the end:

Or "Leave Out All The Rest" below...gee, this almost feels like a CCM song. Please,God;don't get 'em THAT saved(:

also a Bible Study:

"How to Share Your Faith Using Linkin Park’s What I've Done"

Yeah, I know the LP singers use a lot of salty language in lyrics and concerts. Read
Salty Dogma/Explicit Confession
Blessings of profanity?
if that bugs ya.

Maybe even read that great Christian book full of enough gall (pun intended,author: Jim Gall)to o be full of bad words (preview here:"Imagine if being a Christian were about life?")

I am not saying you should cuss..


Years ago, Tony Campolo was speaking at our seminary. My friend Ellis, whom some of you know, asked him "Did you say Bono and the U2 guys are Christians. They sure use some salty language!"

Camplolo shot back:

"Yes, they are awesome Christians. I have personally worked with Bono on mission projects. And let me tell you, sometimes as Christians, our language isn't salty enough!!"

Of course Campolo is famous/infamous for preaching all over the world with this line.. I heard him do it in a huge crowd of Mennonites and others:

"There are _____ (number) of people starving in the world, and you people don't give a sh__!"......Then he paused, and you heard pins (some were pins in the tied-up hair of Mennonite grandmas) and jaws drop. Stunned silence. Then he continued..."And you care more about the fact that I said sh__ than that those people are starving."

He was right.


  1. I'm cruising Emergent sites (not spamming). Yours is top drawer, dude. My take on Linkin Park is that "What I've Done" is the best song anywhere 2007, and the video too. The song put a hook in my head that was running even sometimes at midnight. The apocalyptic images with a lyric of utter transparency and, can I say it, repentance is smashing. I'm an old guy, but I am on the Linkin Park train.

    I'm new at blogging but I'm at

    And I did hang "What I've Done" up there last month and sent it to my pastor who said he would use it in a service.

  2. 7KL

    awesome! thanks.

    i love your blog, too. i already linked your blog on M Therssa to our church forum

    I used "What I've Done" to start a sermon couple months ago. Do you have a link to your church website?

    Keep up the great work

  3. the best "christian" music is beyond k-love because "secular" artists like lp and the offspring (just to name a couple) are writing music that is vast, honest and integrated. when i read the psalms i see the fullness of life, the darkness which illuminates salvation. the bible needs an "explicit lyrics" sticker. k-love is flat and dishonest. the gospel is not positive and encouraging. so i listen to songs by bad religion like "sorrow." and i'm glad that profs like you are posting like this. thanks

  4. preach it! Thanks for the encouragement, too..
    Not everyone appreciates "profs like me posting stuff like this."
    Keep up the great work, bro!

  5. hey thought of you as i've been moved to day by this story. read the lyrics. another example of a chilling biblically-thematic story done better by the "non-christians" - imagine this on good friday

  6. TC: Yes! That song blew me away the first time i heard it . I blogged about it here , video included.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me.
    Have your best sunday ever tomorrow.


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