Thursday, August 02, 2007

a few good links: shift happens

The End is Near...Dispensationally Speaking

No Shift?

Celtic Double Houses: Shacking Up

Church for Owner?

Rebuilt Ruins Will Reach the World

God's 15 Favorite Numbers

Excerpts from 'Orbiting the Giant Hairball'

Relationship with God AND the World

Virgin Sex

Eugene Peterson Uncut

Projected Population map Year 2050

Derivation of Exogenously-Driven Causality

Alliances: holy quantum Godburst

"If I could have said it, I wouldn’t have had to dance

The Sky Is Falling!?!

NT Wright: unpromising landscape

Ninja Nun Nice Doggie

What the hell am I doing in seminary/sex with a girlfriend

Empire Remixed

Church buildings are sacred...

Jesus Likes Small Elephants

Issacar and Art auudio

Update on "The Good Samaritan"...

4 arguments for the elimination of television

IndigenousMovements:BetweenNeoliberalism &Leftist Govts

from a spa of ill repute

Did We Park In Dopey or Sneezy?

Bono: prophesying too much wine and a giant kingdom

pastor of church that meets in a bar who can't pray for you

Vulgar Stories & hemlock in a Boar's Head

How to Win the Culture Wars/Twinkies and Sodomites

Blondie: Bad Day For Jesus on the Upper West Side

Art & Ark E. Texture:

Nikes, Ipods, Popes and Bodies

Finding the Love of Your Life

Wesleyan Ecclesiology: Howard Snyder

Mixing Our Wineskins?

DaVinciCode: ChristianBoost or Excuse4Watching Porn?

Jews (& Christians) may have to Wear Colored ID Badges

Kiwi: Jesus and Copyleft

constant state of departure while always arriving

"Bono is my pastor"

1st person to take Jesus ideas seriously for church planting

Rev. Ronald McBagel

Christian leaders called to be completely ____

Interview with a certfied nut re: spiritual formation

Roofless Church photos

Jesus and His Big Bang

church can learn nothing from "secular" world???

Naked Church: the Church That Ordained Waiters

Matrix of church and culture

Cruchy Con: Hijacking faith/Christianists

What do opera, wine and golf have in common?

The purpose of the Church is NOT...

The best thing about The Da Vinci Code

Truth and Meaning

spontaneous combustion?

Watch St. AliceCooper preaching family values

A Ford or a Faster Horse?

Sex in the Snow:CanadianChristianity isn't American

Explosive, risky, risquee question for Len

WWJD is Ridiculous: Be A Heretical Christian Instead

Capon on images

the real divide is NOT conservative/liberal

Way Open Communion: Tons of Wine and Cinnamon Rolls

"Knowing truth no one wants to hear really sucks."

C.S. Lewis: Marketing and Mythology

City Church and Golf Club

Church:Trickling on carpet, rubbing chest of prone woman.

Google's Ten Things

Double Double Listening Listening: Conservtive or Liberal?

we all know what happens when we a-s-s-u-m-e.....

The eternal mind of a Madagascan hissing cockroach

The 11th Commandment

take this quick test to see if you have a pulse

Bee Gees /Dear Infidel The "Real" Letter fom Iran

' Da Vinci Code':Positive for Christianity : by Father John

The Church is responsible for the moral vacuity in secular m

Look under the Heap: No Risk, No Fun (Wolfgang Simson)

Engaging DaVinci Code

what do these two signs have in common?

Pew, this'll come in handy

Of Course the System is the Solution!

Screwtape/CS Lewis Resurrected to speak to 'DaVinci Code'!!

Sony and DaVinci Code Sex Ceremony

a statemement of faith:we don't need a statement of faith

Frederica:We’re not a social service agency

Why does the church look like it does?

Church with Wings and a 6 Pack : Second Life

a Wet Bridge

Throwing a Bone at The Powers: E-Mail a Sin?

The New Lost: Red Pills and Sex in Peru

TrainwreckChurch: "Lord, help me get me off my ass...

"Jesus Doesn't Love Porn Stars" Bible Cover?

No, it's NOT Janet Jackson's breast!

church curator

Drunk on pop-culture holiness

Let's "Othercott" Da Vinci

Top Down? Left to Right?

Chinese HouseChurch Leaders Burn US literature

"Western civ. sprung like Aphrodite from sea foam?

IHate My Generation: Was it Kierkegaard or 8 is Enough?

Howard Stern on Christian Radio

church shopping on "King of the Hill"

Flight 93 and the Passion of the Christ

titles on the sleeve: Jesus is brutal

Art Stops Time, Oatmeal Sucks, God is beautful

Futurist: Universal Connectivity

Spasmodic Secrets (Beuchner)

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