Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blessings of %$$ Profanity

"Blessings of Profanity" has long been one of themost popular items on our church forum. I knew Mac was preparingf an article in response; it is now up (see the 8/7/07 post. Check it out here,
and enjoy all the &$$##!! articles there.

By the way, Ole Anthony (whose "X rated Bible Study" is a free download at the Wittenburg Door)says:

Taking the name of God in vain doesn’t mean saying “g-----n.” At the 1975 National Religious Broadcasters Convention I told the audience taking the Lord’s name in vain had nothing to do with cussing. It meant taking the slightest bit of glory for yourself. None of the early believers called themselves Christians. They called themselves People of the Way. They were too humble to put the name of Christ on their own flesh. I posed a question: “Can you imagine the Saul of Tarsus Evangelistic Association?” That was the last time I spoke at a national Christian meeting. (Ole Anthony...read more)

My OT prof has even written on this for Billy Graham's Decision magazine:

What Does it REALLY Mean to Take The Lord's Name in Vain?
by Lawson Stone

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