Thursday, August 09, 2007

confessional boxes are inevitable

I heard Leonard Sweet comment on how prophetic U2's ZOO TV tour was.

One way was this video confessional, where fans could confess their sins, and the clips were shown to the whole crowd before the encore.

A heads up/warning...this is real and what else could it be but rated R.

A few years later, Bono sang "talk shows (are) confession."
Fifteen years later, is that ever true. Zoo TV has become reality.

Or reality TV.

Or this:

In January 1991, I was living in Chicago doing my last seminary internship a few blocks from Oprah's studio. The topic that day...with a ton of seminarians in the audience was "Guys who sleep with two girls."

Could it be that most folks are ready to confess and or/offer themselves voyeuristically at the drop of a hat?

Public confession of sin has long been a hot topic in the church..what would an emerging version look like?

Reminds me of Donald Miller's story here:
Lotsa Naked People & The Campus Confessional

Later addition: The Wall Street Journal just published:
Confession Makes a Comeback

If you push confession out of church or culture, the other will inevitably rise up and meet the need.


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