Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Life imitates art imitates life: Fly shades

Life imitates art...or the other way around? Like most theology, physics, the Kingdom itself... and U2isms, it may work either way.

The photo on the left is not Photoshopped. It is what it appears to be: a fly wearing shades.

The photo on the right...though Bono may have later wished it undoctored. It's the U2 frontman in full 90s disguise as "The Fly," one of his characaters/personas/alter egos of the Zoo TV era (gazing at his most extreme persona: Mr. McPhisto)...complete with what he always called "Fly shades."

No word if the scientists were partly inspired by Bono, who (as usual), came first!

The story of the real fly's 2 milliometer-wide glasses is here.
The story of U2's Zoo TV era is here.

Bono's Fly was eventually redeemed (or something like that). A Vertigo Tour program jokes (?) of the song "Love and Peace Or Else": "It's like the Fly went to the seminary to become a priest and ended up in this song."


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