Thursday, October 21, 2010

Church with Sts. Andy Rogers and Chester Thompson

You may remember St. Andy Rogers and ethnoceltic worship team worshipping while plyaing "Be Thou My Vision" in a pub (here).
Now I see Andy and team did that song in a church with no one less that St. Chester Thompson (road drummer for Genesis and a deep Christ-ian).  Video below...LOL, only in churches do you see those glass drum cages..

I once bumped into Chester in a church men's room.  What a double take that was.
What an amazing drummer and person.
And how cool to see him in a small church setting (audience of One, actually) when he has played to 80, 000 in a stadium.
Andy says, "Check out the amazing rhythms that Chester plays just at the end of verse 3".  .Enjoy:

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