Monday, October 04, 2010

Neil Young's Joyful Le Noise

"I feel Your love
I feel Your strong love
I feel the patience of unconditional love
I feel Your strength.."

..all set to a music video where the singer is surrounded by stained glass windows..

OK, this is CCM. right?

Uh, Neil Young ...of course.. gets even  better:
produced,treated, and sonic-scaped by St. Daniel Lanois (see Lanois prayers).

And the album  "Le Noise" is Neil Young bandless, solo...
but don't translate that "acoustic" (except for two songs).

Translate that as...well this video below of the "CCM meets Crazy Horse at the Cross" song we just quoted
( Pop Matters  calls the album a "masterpiece," and this stunning song one of the two "least successful songs...even though very good" !..( see that review, and Rolling Stone review).

Here it is, the album's introit/call to worship (let's pray):

Then you have a song ending with:
I don’t know how I’m standing here
Living in my life
I’m thankful for my children
And my faithful wife

Come on, too cliche? Well, suffice to say the rest of the lyric should be read..or experienced...dare you to click here..

Of course, this album includes "Someone's Gonna Rescue You" :
"Somebody can save you.."
Here's one of the acoustics:
"God was crying tears that fell like rain..."
which only Neil Young could rhyme with:
"And the bullets hit the bison from the train".

And then:

"Who'll be the one to lead this world
Who'll be the beacon in the night
Who'll be the one to lead this world
 Who'll be the beacon in the night
Who'll be the one to lead the nations
And protect God's creations?"
Wow, maybe it will be St. Neil:

Bottom line, there is only One to whom these questions/prayers are ultimately addressed to:

"When will  I learn how to listen?
When will I learn how to feel?
When will I learn to give back?
When will I learn how to heal?"

It continues:
I can feel the weather changing.
I can see it all around.
Can't you feel that new wind blowing?
Don't you recognize that Sound?"
(has he been listening to the Physics of U2?):

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