Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastor Neil Young on Romans 7 and 8

To me, the sermon is about juxtalinking  the personal paradox of  Romans 7 that we all know so well:
  • Paul:"When will I stop not doing what I want to do?  Who will deliver me?"
  • Neil: "When will I learn how to listen?/ When will I learn to feel? / When will I learn to give back? / When will I learn to heal?" 
with the cosmic longing of all creation in Romans 8:
  • Paul: ".all creation  groans in expectation for the children of God to be revealed"
  • Neil: "I feel the rumbling in her [the earth's] ground."
This sermon, "The Rumbling," was prepared with help by  (recently back from the almost-dead) apostle, Daniel Lanois.
(the whole sermon series, of which "the Rumbling" is the 8th, and last of the series, is talked about here , or play the whole series here)..

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