Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"Time has Come Today"

I started listening to music..especially to KYNO Boss 30  via transistor radio under my a very early age..
 (Little did I know I would be interviewed on KYNO..many moons...43 years!... and almost as many format changes later: audio here).

1967 was an amazing year.

One of that year's pioneering batch of  songs
that intrigued me as a kid was The Chambers Brothers "Time has Come Today."

 It was ahead of its time, creative....and somehow Godhaunted.
It featured so many elements that some songs of its era ("Whiter Shade of Pale," and regardless of what Vincent says about it in this video, "McArthur Park"..... and many of  the 70s progrock era ("Supper's Ready," anyone?) did....longer than 3 minutes, theatrical, time signature changes, creative production and sonicscapes..

But I didn't even officially know until today..

...was that the Chambers Brothes were not only Godhaunted, but Godserving...grew up in church, and originally were a gospel choir (let alone that they covered the same Curtis Mayfield gospel song that U2 often covers in concert: "People Get Ready"...and let alone they were mostly African-American (bless St. Jimi, the 1960s...and King's X):

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