Friday, October 15, 2010

Myers Briggs, Culture Shift, Brain Theory

I teach so I can learn from students! (:

It hit me in a recent leadership class discussion
 that though polarizations are often false,
       and dichotomies are  potentially dualistic and                 dangerous,
                               there is value in comparing
 (on the one hand), 
  • the "left hand" of Myers Briigs preferences (ESTJ=Extrrovert, Sensing, Judging, Perceiving),
  • the "modern" world   (RRWI=Rational, Representative. Word-Based, Individual)as Sweet summarizes it) 
  • the left brain functions as summarized by Shlain (DWAN=Doing, Word, Abstraction, Number)

 To the other hand:
  • the "right hand" of Myers Briggs preferences (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perception)
  • -the "postmodern world (EPIC=Experiential, Participatory, Imgae-Driven, Connectivity) as Sweet summarirzes it
  • -the right grain functions as summaried by Shlain  (BIMM=Being, Image, Music, Metaphor)

  • ESTJ                                                                                                                            INFP
  • RRWI                                                                                                                           EPIC
  • DWAN                                                                                                                        BIMM
No, I am not making a political statement by putting the left in blue, and right in red (:
...or the supposed  "right" answers  (the ones that match me!) on the right  (:

Helpful links:
Myers Briggs and Left/Right Brain here
EPIC acrostic on PDF, p 36-37 here)

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