Wednesday, October 27, 2010

St. Chuck Colson looses his crabs?

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I love Chuck Colson.
But I have never forgotten him publicly calling a fellow believer's heartfelt prayer "meaningless..with no theological content."

Today I received a sign that maybe God does answer prayer (:

A prayer of mine, even.

Maybe it's not meaningless.

You'll want to click and read this first, to get the backstory:

"Dear Lord, Don't let Chuck Colson become a crabby old man..." (read it carefully, then come on back here)


Now, four years later:

No, I never heard back from Chuck or his peeps.

But i was glad to read this in a (pretty OK, bit kinda crabby) book:

Colson is that rare evangelical celebrity in that he doesn't pastor the church he's in...[and] he isn't afraid to apologize for past wrongs.

"My generation has been very slow to learn to be humble about our faith," he says. "And we've had a hard time  understanding that people don't always see things like we do.  We tend to be judgemental.  Martin Luther King said, 'He whom ye would change you must first love.'  The  world needs to see that on our part, a lot better than my generation has done it.  Francis Schaeffer said that 'the world will have the right to judge us by how we love one another.'"

          ....[Colson continued,]""  Maybe you don't like the sermons, or the music bothered you one Sunday, but those things are trivial  compared to the very act of committing yourself to being part of the Body of Christ, and participating fully." 
         -"Why we love church," p. 144-5

Whoa, has he repented for his (not) trivial outburst  (temple tantrum)  about "music that bothered him one Sunday" and subsequent column, and met Kelly Carpenter yet?

I don't know, maybe I'll just keep praying, and dedicate a prayersong to him below..(He can't complain about Michael W. Smith, can he? ...Even if the prayer is, per Colson,  "meaningless"):

Maybe the Kutless version:

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