Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moltmaniacs Keep Theology Weird... and Better Than a Phone Book

I am such a fan of Moltmann, well as a fan of "keeping theology weird"..

.............that I couldn't help but shout when I heard the news.

I so loved the childlike joy that Tony Jones expressed upon announcing the news that i also can't help but insert the classic Steve Martin clip he used in his announcement:

The news gets better:
Chapter one is a free PDF here.
Beats a phone book any day..

Oh, on the "weird" thing:

>>The book is "Specific, Strange and Special” ...see Bob Cornwall's review here, it uses that title..

>>>and click this title below of the Tripp Fuller's review of the book: 
"Keep Theology Weird!”.

see also:

3 Leadership Paradigms for the Church

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