Monday, January 24, 2011

at least it wasn't JESUS' autograph I crossed out

Being an unrepentant bibliophile...

whenever I get home with
my latest stash of used books from the thrift store, the
first thing I do is cross out the name of the previous owner and write mine.  Sometimes if I have quite a stack of new treasures (10 or 50 cents a piece), I do this pretty rapidly.

I should have been paying better attention, at least
on the day I brought home E. Stanley Jones'

"The Unshakable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person"

As you can see by the photo, I started crossing out what I thought was the previous owner's name....only to catch that it was an autograph by E. Stanley Jones himself, complete with his motto, "Jesus is Lord." 


Now, when I speak at Christian Ashrams (the movement started by Jones), I take along this book...not just to quote, but to show the first page as an object lesson in "Don't be in a hurry throwing things out/crossing things out; you might cross out/toss out something valuable."   Gee, what a preacher..turning everything into moralism/propositional truth... Shameless!


 By the way, if you click the book title above, it leads to a free (but unautographed) online PDF copy of the book.

Be sure to type in your name once you're there.(:

Oh, my other embarrassing Ashram story is linked below...I preach this one, it's pretty funny. Click:



  1. And I have been trying to collect signed copies of all E. Stanley Jones' books for 20 years

  2. LOL, Len...If you don't have a signed copy of this one, I'd give you mine...Hope no other readers are reading, I'd probably only do it for you..(:
    I mean, if the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism doesn't deserve it, who does?


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