Thursday, January 13, 2011

a song (not just) about Spiderman

Boy Falls From The Sky" (live from Coimbra)
You change your mind
But you cannot change your heart
It's a compass and a map
The key to the chart

I'd be myself
If I knew who I'd become
You fly too high
And get too close to the sun

See how the boy falls from the sky

Not every wanderer
Is lost or far from home
I didn't have to move so far
To find myself alone

Savior, save yourself
Can't even get that right
I used to use a single thread
To cross the sky
And now the eye of a needle
Is that heart denied

See how the boy falls from the sky

The city converts to a symphony
The search through shit for a melody
A single scrap of dignity
In the junkyard of humanity
On the burning rubble, in a sulphur sky
We look for music, you and I
Over the screams and the siren wail
The cackle when love is up for sale
The subway screech slows down the drain
The thunder when there is no rain
So listen hard, listen again
To your own lone voice when there ain't none there
You know exactly what to do
The you in me, the me in you
Together, you start, must help us see
And when you're done
And when you're done
And you believe

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