Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why Victoria's In on the Secret

"Why Victoria's In on the Secret: Picturing Discipleship at The Moulin Rouge" is an amazing section of Chapter Two of James K.A. Smith's "Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview and Cultural Formation  "  It can be read HERE  (scroll to pp. 75-79) on Google books.

Those four pages have  got it all: sex, Walker Percy, epistemology, romantic theology....and a Bono reference. (:
All it's missing  are the two obvious U2 songs the soundtrack it, and I've added them below.

Note: a whole chapter (3) is sweetly named for a  Bruce Cockburn reference: "Lovers in a Dangerous Time: Cultural Exegesis of 'Secular Liturgies'"...but unfortunately the reference is never explained.

Note: Len has some helpful posts on the book, and I have posted  a video of Smith himself  speaking on the book's themes.  Smith has posted some audio as well.  See "labels" with Smith's name below.

SOUNDTRACK (If you don't know why this first song is commentary on the Smith excerpt, see this):

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