Monday, January 31, 2011

Smoking Popes and pre-conversion worship songs

I don't know how I ever missed "The Smoking Popes"!
Great band they got pretty big in the late 1990s, opening up for Green Day, etc.

I hadn't heard of them until yesterday,when I  caught  passing reference in Paste Magazine to their song "I Know You Love Me" being "Christian-themed,"  and evidence that not all Christian-themed songs are unremarkable.

I found the song (below), and the lyrics are pretty upfront worshipm very CCMish..
but some research reveals frontman Josh Caterer wrote it even before he  officially became a Christian.
He was even giving sermonettes in concert about Jesus before he  knew Jesus..

Of course the conversion basically broke up the band...until just a few years ago; they have reunited.
Bottom video is interview with Josh re: all this,  See "the Lord told me to quit my rock band" for an earlier interview.

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