Saturday, January 01, 2011

Theologian Harry Nilsson: God and poo-poo in the yard

"He goes and makes

the planet blue

And all the thanks he

gets from you

Is, 'Look at all that poo poo

In the yard!'"
-Harry Nilsson, "Good for God"

One of many songs that could be included in his theological canon/cannon, beginning with "I Guess The Lord Must Be in New York City," and scattered throughout his career.  Of course, "(I Can't Live if Living is) Without You"  (sometimes known as "Ken Lee")
can be sung in church straight up as a passionate worship song.

Some even

say his "Jesus Christ, You're Tall" is not  (just) a throwaway song taking the Lord's name in vain, but an attempt at prayer..

Try out "Many Rivers To Cross,' with John Lennon, for one..

Don't forget the partly prophetic opera "The Point"..

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