Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Demons, Piss Off!" or "I am baptized"? (functional equivalent)

You should check out Nadia (The Sarcastic Lutheran)'s sermon:

            " Baptism of Our Lord and How To Tell Demons to Piss Off "'s here.

It was censored a bit  when Sojourners picked it up  here .  The title became:

            "How To Say Defiantly, ‘I am Baptized!’"

I  get a kick out  of the (maybe) accident that  when Sojourners links to the original sermon, it doesn't go to the right sermon, but another one with a bit (only a bit) less provocative title).

I wonder how they would translate Kory's original  sermon title  (click for video)

Or this one that a nutcase I know preached several years ago:
"God loves the hell out of you"(click for audio)

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