Friday, April 06, 2012

Alice Cooper as the new Steve Taylor..almost ready for prime time CCM

Tell me that this  following song couldn't/shouldn't  be played on Christian radio as is.

Until someone finds out it's Alice Cooper (Some squeaky Christianfolk may not believe he is a Christian..their loss)!!

Oh well, I guess we'll have to do it for church:

"I Am Made Of You"

In the beginning I was just a shadow
In the beginning I was alone
In the beginning I was blind, living in a world devoid of light
In the beginning there was only night

I was shattered, left in pieces
And I felt so cold inside
Then I called You from the darkness
Where I hide

In the beginning
 You were revelation
A river of salvation
 and now I believe

All I wanted, all I needed
Was someone to rescue me
I was drowning, I was dying
Now I'm free

I am made of You
I am made of You

Here I am now, I can stand now
Cause Your love has made me strong
And forever You're the singer
I'm the song

I am made of You
I am made of You
I am made of you
I am made of you


Nice auto-tune, btw:

More on his latest album, "Welcome 2 My Nightmare," a sequel of sorts to his  classic (1975, pre-Christian)
"Welcome to My Nightnare"album.

I have often said that on some songs on the Chagall Guevara CD, (mostly "Violent Blue"), Steve Taylor called to mind Alice Cooper.  How cool to have Steve Taylor as the new Alice Cooper.
But now Alice Cooper is the new Steve Taylor..Can't you imagine Steve doing this ( "Beatles meets Nickelback", as the video review above says) next song?

It's pretty obvious who is narrating:

'The Congregarion":

Now you're here so have no fear, I'm just your friendly guide
So come along coz you belong, you joined us when you died
From your birth until your final breath
I'm proud to say you finally entertained yourself to death

Welcome to the congregation
I hope we meet your expectation
A little tiny pinch of deviation

We understand what you had planned goes by another name
Where bluebirds sing and church bells ring, well isn't that a shame
Your application sadly was denied
But let's be clear, we love you here, you're on the other side

Welcome to the congregation
I hope we meet your expectation
We promise it won't stain your reputation

[The Guide:]
Ah, as you can see over here the broken glass chamber are the boys from wall street. Let's here it for the boys. And here in the eternal mariachi room for the defrocked priest and telemarketers. And the totally fiery pit of boiling death the lawyers, pimps and mimes...

Welcome to the congregation
Welcome to the congregation
Welcome to the congregation
I hope we meet your expectation
So thanks for dropping by here
We're really gonna try here
But in the end you know you're gonna fry.... fry.... fry... here

{New resident's voice}:
Umm.. excuse me sir, is there a bathroom here? 

Alice Cooper--The Congregation from STRega Wise on Vimeo.

Hope you got the "mimes" reference..
Just two  more random songs:

-- "Disco  Bloodbath Boogie Fever."
Play the opening lines for your kids, and see which rapper they think it is..Then it.morphs into..well. you decide.  Rememeber the  eerie-voiced chanting guards in "Wizard of Oz"?

If you are on this website, you don't know who Kesha is.
Ask your kids.
Alice duets with her...


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