Monday, April 30, 2012

saying 'adios' ("A Dios") to my bullfighting earthsuit o' lights

I see the suit of lights that  Bono (literally)said "Goodbye" at the end of many shows, a powerful reference.intertexting to:

  • -Of course:  the line in  the band's older song, "Gone" :" can keep this suit of lights.  I'm going up with the sun (Son)"
  • -Elvis Costello's song, "Suit of Lights" 
  • -fame/earthsuit/stage persona
  • -death to life
  • "suit of lights" as a name for bullfighter's uniform? (hmm, think of the bullfight Bono and Edge often do in "Until The End of the World," think duende..)
  • the band Suit of Lights(?)
  • -what else?
Check it out at 3:33ff in this video.  And if you don't see a cross on top of the steering wheel /life preserver microphone, you don't know U2 (:

---From Facebook:


This was supposed to be a pic of Bono's "suit of lights" after it has been raptured..,,a regular part of the show during "With or Without You" (video here. at this link, see 3:35ff..
..,,but I didn't grab the camera with the zoom in time, so i got this with my cell phone.

 I had always wondered if you could see it hanging up there if you were close enough to see inside the claw/stage...well i was close enough in Oakland to find out: you can see it, but not in this least very well. I tagged it, so you can spot it if you hover for the tag.... looks like a dead body (: This always feels a very prophetic part of the show as he often says "goodbye" to his suit/celebrity (based on an older song "You can keep this suit of lights, I'll be up with the Son")
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