Sunday, April 29, 2012

NT Wright:1)Choose Jesus or Holy Land 2)Bono and Jim Morrison's atonement theory

An excellent  vintage article here by N,T. Wright,
 somewhat obscure
(as it's from an overlooked  1994 book/collection, Jerusalem: Past and Present in the Purposes of reviews on Amazon, not even a picture!),
 but now reprinted on the officially unofficial  NT  Wright page.

One recognizes many of Wright's keynote themes (Jesus embodying everything folks sought in temple) but they were never woven so clearly around the city of Jerusalem as unifying theme.
(Jesus as embodying everything people sought in Jerusalem).

Watch for this provocative line,
" the claim of Jesus
        and the claim of ‘holy land’
             can never be sustained simultaneously."

 but be sure to read that in context, and in light of his helpful introductory paragraph, as well as the closing secrions.

He still has a dream...

..he admits it may be a romantic dream..

     hat we can actually prayerfully and carefully navigate a  "double-edged theology of place"..

                       ..even in (especially) in Jerusalem.


Oh, a wonderful unrelated U2 connection to the article..

"His death would therefore be the means of drawing to its climax  the wrath of God against the nation, forging a way through that wrath, and out the other side.."

That imemdiately linked me to Daniel T. Kline's observation:

"I don't claim to know what theory of the atonement Boon  subscribes to, but in a n number of 'Until The End of the World' performances over the years, he's sampled The Doors' "Break on Through [To The Other Side]'... ("Playing The Tart: Contexts and Intertexts for 'Until The End of The World,'  Chapter 9 in Exploring U2: Is This Rock 'n' Roll?: Essays on the Music, Work, and Influence of U2


Does Bono read NT Wright? (:
(We know he reads CS Lewis//Wright has been called the new CS Lewis),
 Eugene Peterson, Nee (!) Wigglesworth
(!!!!)..and how about this?

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