Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stephen Colbert meets CS Lewis and GK Chesterton meet Mr.Lunt

Phiil Vischer:

We have a lot of great teachers inM l the church, but a serious lack of silly. We tend to teach like Walter Cronkite reported the news - in a deadly serious "voice of God" tone. But our culture has replaced Walter Cronkite with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. We like silly. The church is completely missing this trend.

Tell us about "The Phil Vischer Show." Will there be puppets?

I wouldn't be surprised if a puppet or two dropped by every now and then, but the Phil Vischer Show is really about finding a thoughtful yet humorous take on the issues facing Christians today. The goal is to bring a dose of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert to a genre that has been dominated by very dour, older white preachers for far too long. There are too many important ideas that aren't being discussed in a public forum, and even if they are, aren't being discussed with the "spoonful of sugar" (read: humor) that can make them palatable to a broad audience. Someone needs to take a crack at this, and I've decided it might as well be me.
Full Interview here

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