Monday, April 30, 2012

spiraling towards a moving center: pardon me, your gravitas is showing

1)So what happens if/when/since your  arrow towards the center of the centered set isn't straight but spiraled? (diagram at left)

2)So what happens if the center of the set itself (Himself) moves?
(diagram at right).
"Holy Spirit is on the move.  Our job is to move with the movement."

1)Doug Erickson addresses a version of the first question with this quote and diagram:

What i am proposing is this: rather than a linear trajectory where either I am pointing directly towards the center OR NOT, what if we change the visual representation to be more like an orbit, or a vortex. I realize this may be quibbling, but i think it's more reflective of the provisional and conditional nature of our knowledge, loving and acting.  I am rarely in direct trajectory towards the center. The center does, however, have a certain pull, a gravitas, that I sometimes give in to, sometimes resist, and sometimes am unaware of.  Am I moving towards the center? Usually, but more in a spiral pattern, or a vortex. Perhaps my graphic would look something like this:
Center+set+orbit.gif (515×436)

-Doug Eriickson, link
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Here's my "Holy Helix"...


The dual lines represent God's line, and ours.
Note they are not actually separate..but one line...even though headed in different directions and of different colors.
That will preach!!

..but its lines/curves are too perfect.  So I often teach from my "Chaotic Helix" (below).
Isn't that more your life's line?

All of life is helical...

or hell.

If fact,  Keltic Ken. and the Super Rabbi checked out my  chaotic helix (and examined its groovy gravitas,) , as you can see:

Optical illusion of the center:  It is the blue point of left which is in the center.
which dot (green diagram with two dots) is center?..find out here)
2)I heard Brian Mclaren address a verion of the second question at FPU,, but my notes went offlline along with our fotum.  Anyone have notes?

He (along with Len Sweet and Jerry Haselmayer
touched on this in "A is For Abductive"/ See:

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