Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jesus' dislike of football: Robert Wilson's prayer answered

The mystery of which film(s) were the source of the famous/infamous  dubbed Jesus videos 
("Misunderstandings of Jesus" by Vintage 21. and  the series by Elevation Church) has been solved.  They are from "The Living Christ"  and "Beheld His Glory" featuring  Robert Wilson as Jesus.
I haven't been able to locate the original scenes that were spoofed. but YouTube has them all
(Plenty more fodder for  new spoofs)

Thanks to Mark Roberts who posted this photo and caption. (More info at this link)

Jesus as played by Robert Wilson in The Living Christ series by Cathedral Films, 1951. This version of Jesus is better known for his dislike of football.

I am

i am pretty sure Robert Wilson prayed for God to use him as he played the role of Jesus.
I am also pretty sure he had no  idea how God would answer that prayer decades later!!

Oh..If you don't get the football reference, check this:

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