Wednesday, May 20, 2009

are we all both hypocrite and subversive?

Jonny Baker linked an interview with Kalle Lasn of Adbusters (kalle lasn interview);

L.A.:Malcolm McLaren, the inventor of the Sex Pistols, talks about the three “Ss” of success: sex, subversion, and style.

Kalle Lasn: Well, you know, I agree with him

L.A.: Why are you creative?

Kalle Lasn: Because I am angry! And I continue to be angry.


Under the post where the interview was linked, Adrian commented:

i see a parallel between kalle's philosophy and what some of the emerging church has been doing. i realised this when i picked up (second hand and greatly reduced!) a copy of his book 'design anarchy'. it annoyed me that he was criticizing the advertising and graphic design industry for, amongst other things, having no ethical core and doing it in a book that was as thick as a brick, grossly wasteful in terms of information compared to number of pages, full colour and printed overseas - basically a glossy showcase design agency book (no-one else can afford to buy them) and the very antithesis of the adbusters message.

so is he a hypocrite or a subversive?

that seems to be the question that people have for a lot of emerging churches who operate within mainstream culture. can you work within and use the language and tools of that which you know to be flawed or even downright wrong?

for my money, that's where the most innovative and useful mission happens.

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