Saturday, May 30, 2009

Secular Sanctus

I remember reading that Future of Forestry found this song, "Sanctitatis," very well received in "secular" venues...even though/because it is

Sanctitatis (Twilight Album Version) - Future Of Forestry

straight-up liturgy.

The lyrics:

"Vere Sanctus es
Domine Fons omnis sanctitatis
Domine, Domine "

Or in English:
"Truly You are holy
Lord, the fountain of all holiness
Lord, Lord"

Is worship music still a part of what you do as a band?

Owyoung Yes, we do lead worship in traditional settings. However, what I think is special and unique about what we do is taking the essence of worship into a non-church environment and letting go.A song like "Sanctitatis"—which has only a few phrases of singing and is a liturgical phrase in Latin—is a worship song at the core, but most people wouldn't perceive it that way because it doesn't fit the traditional mold of a worship song. We can let that song rock out in any secular environment, and that's something I'm passionate about—seeing God's presence touch people in a non-religious environment.-link

That response reminds me of watching the worship of The Violet Burning's "Elaste" emerge
in a SoCal club.. (or of course watching another Latin liturgy,U2's "Gloria on MTV.."This is about a girl named Gloria..")

Note: the 2nd video suggests worship songs might also fit in church gatherings, of all places:


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