Friday, May 22, 2009

A real book with virtual virtual hyperlinks..

A "real" book with hyperlinks; how about that?

Written in 1999, before most people
knew the difference between hyperlinks and hyperactivity,
James Burke's "The Knowledge Web"
is actually organized (organically) by virtual hyperlinks..he calls then "gateways."

Following the links us one of many ways to read this book. Gotta love a book where the author says, "you can even read the book in the way your teacher told you not to."

"Since there are 142 gateways here that cross, then in one sense, that means this book could conceivably be read at least 142 different ways. Though I don't suggest you try it, doing so would give you a rather visceral feeling for the way change happens. And it happens that way to all of us , all the time. It's happening to you now, though you may not know it yet." (p. 20)

Read the "How to Use This Book," pages 19-20 here (the book is so old, it's on Google Books) to see how they work.
(Amazing, you can see the virtual version to see the print version of fake virtual hyperlinks)..

Burke's website is virtually real, find it here; you'll need real mouse clicks to read it.

Or watch his "connections" show here:

(rest of the series here)

The "gateways" terminology of course reminds of one of Leonard Sweet's classics, "11 Genetic Gateways to Spiritual Awakening'..
Many of Sweet's books read as if virtually hyperlinked.

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