Friday, May 29, 2009

Naked suggestions for a small group

The orginal Naked Pastor (well, besides Jesus), David Hayward, posts
"some suggestions.. for a healthy small group":

  1. Create an atmosphere where judgment is never given or experienced… ever!
  2. The leader, if there is one, must be just as vulnerable as the rest.
  3. Encourage everyone to come with the intention of comforting another.
  4. Remember: no struggle is too small. Pain is pain by the one experiencing it.
  5. Remember: no struggle is too big. Friends can alleviate the load.
  6. If stuff stops, just end it. Don’t keep something going just for the sake of it.
  7. Resist giving answers or solutions. Just listen and empathize.
  8. Be bold enough to prevent domination by anyone, including yourself.
  9. Never, ever express shock, dismay, or surprise.
  10. Practice #1 (this is the key to everything)
-Naked Pastor, link: Small Groups Community Glue

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