Friday, May 15, 2009

" Sweet is the Zappa of today’s Christianity"

"Leonard Sweet is the Frank Zappa of today’s Christianity" -Frank Viola

Frank Viola, you are amazing, who else would have made that "pushing toward the unobvious" connection?

And look at the list his Facebook fans created:

John MacArthur = Glenn Miller
Tony Evans = LL Cool J
Rob Bell = Bono
Eugene Peterson = Woody Guthrie
N.T. Wright = Pavarotti
Alan Hirsch = Slash
Dan Kimball = Elvis Costello (and Brian Wilson)
Frank Viola = Jimi Hendrix (and Jim Morrison)
Creflo Dollar = Snoop Dog
John Piper = John Mayer
Bill Hybels = Wayne Netwon (and Eric Clapton)
Stanley Hauerwas = Fittty cent
Mike Yaconelli = David Lee Roth (and Ozzie Osbourne)

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